Farm & Garden

Farm Equipment, Tractors,

    Eagle Valley Premium! 1 ton (50- 40lb bags) $227.50; 1.2 tons (60- 40lb bags) $273.00 (plus tax). Riverwood Feed, 509-582-6977. TriCities.
  • FORD 8N tractor: with a do-all loader, $2500 or best reasonable offer; DR wood chipper, 18hp, wheel mounted, handles up to 4" material, $1000 or best offer; 208-739-8219, Weston.
  • HEAVERLO NW: 10 acres of equipment! Yakima. 509-453-4340.
  • CORN FOR your livestock: Ground & sold in tote bags, approximately 2000# bag. One bag minimum. Price of .13cents/ lb. 509-539-1333. TriCities.
  • 11HP 1 1/8" horizontal Wisconsin Robin pull start: starts and runs, no smoke, needs correct carburetor, $50; 541-922-4150, Irrigon.

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  • D4D CATERPILLAR: early 1970's, good condition, $5000 or best offer; 28' spring tooth & hydraulic cart; 14' chisel plow; 12' cultivator; 509-520-2485, Walla Walla.

    $10 bale, $200 ton, 100 lb bales; Feeder hay, $6 bale; Loading included. Cash only! 4 miles East of Wallula Junction Hwy 12. Pierce's Green Valley, 509-394-2387.

    Pumpkins, .25cents pound; Winter squash; Huckleberries; Apples by the box; Romas & canning tomatoes by the box; Onions by the bag. Lots more! Lee & Wellsian, Richland. Mon.- Sat, 10am-6pm.
  • GRASS ALFALFA: 4th cutting, $8/ bale; 541-567-6065, Hermiston.
  • BLACK WALNUTS, clean and ready to crack, $3 per lb, cracked $4 per lb, plus shipping. Also nice antique trash burner stove. 541-564-9273.
  • GRASS FED beef, no antibiotics/ hormones, $2.80/ lb hanging weight, 509-582-9785. TriCities.
  • BLACK WALNUTS: clean and ready to crack, $3 per lb., cracked $4 per lb. plus shipping; also nice antique trash burner stove; 541-564-9273.
  • CANNING tomatoes, .60cents lb, we pick. Lots of beautiful tomoatoes! Minimum 30 lbs. No Fri. night or Sat. calls please. 509-301-2177 Walla Walla.
  • ALFALFA ORCHARD grass mix: 40 ton of 3rd, 40 ton of 4th, $10 per bale, 90-95 lb. bales, 3rd cutting won 1st of county fair mixed division; 541-561-7265, Hermiston.