Farm & Garden

Farm Equipment, Tractors,
  • NEW HOLLAND bale wagons: all self-propelled and pull-type models/ parts/ tires/ manuals. Sell/ buy., 208-880-2889.
  • TAMARACK OR mixed firewood. Split, delivered, $185 to $250 per pickup truck load cord. 509-820-5859. Hermiston.
  • FIREWOOD FOR sale, Tammerack & red fir, split or rounds, seasoned, ready to burn, will deliver when available. 509-985-5177; 509-759-6025. Wapato.
  • BIG BALE 4X4 grass hay: barn stored, $125/ bale. 3x4 alfalfa hay, no rain, $150/ bale; call Doug 541-720-4823, Hermiston area.

    $10 bale, $200 ton, 100 lb bales; Feeder hay, $6 bale; Loading included. Cash only! 4 miles East of Wallula Junction Hwy 12. Pierce's Green Valley, 509-394-2387.
  • HEAVERLO NW: 10 acres of equipment! Yakima. 509-453-4340.
  • WANTED We buy cheap tractors or usable parts; call 541-564-0661, Hermiston.
  • GRASS HAY, $5/ 70 lb bales, under cover, Selah area. 509-697-7791.
  • WILLING TO WORK Landscaping, fence repair, clearing, and much, much more; call Chuck 541-720-6559.
  • CHERRY & apple wood for sale, $175/ cord. 509-588-4582, 509-440-1619, 509-392-9601.
  • BLACK WALNUTS: clean and ready to crack, $3 per lb., cracked $4 per lb. plus shipping; also nice antique trash burner stove; 541-564-9273.
  • CATTLE FEEDER hay. 509-547-5179. Pasco
  • 20X20 STEEL Master Quonset Hut type building, solid on 1 end, open on other, $5000 obo. Call for more info, 509-773-5598. Goldendale.
  • CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS TUESDAYS BY 5PM Call us: 541-567-2230. Email us: Or go to our website:
  • EXC ORCHARD grass, $9- $10/ bale. Delivery avail. 509-945-2214, lv msg. Yakima.
  • GRASS HAY: 4x4x8 bales, $125/ bale; 541-720-4823, Hermiston.
  • None
    2012 JOHN Deere 1023E with loader, 23.5 hp diesel, 4x4, auto trans, power steering, 92 hours, exc cond, like new, $11,500 obo. 509-571-0759. Serious buyers only please. Thanks! Selah.
  • SEEDLING TREES: black walnut and oak; 12- 24" tall. You dig $2 ea or $20/ dozen. Call or text 509-539-3161. N Pasco area
  • ALFALFA HAY for sale: 100 lb. bales, no rain, no weeds; 541-571-8995 or 541-567-5389, Hermiston.
  • BUTCHER STEER (corn/ grass/ hay fed), kill 12/4, $2.25/ lb plus cut/ wrap/ kill fee. 509-582-2870. TriCities.
  • FUNCTIONAL TWO tower pivot: you remove for use or scrap; also 880 foot wheel line with mover and motor, $600 for wheel line; 541-567-5967, Hermiston.
  • PICKUP LUMBER rack, $100; Delta pickup toolbox, $100. 541-571-3845. Hermiston.

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  • ALFALA HAY Big bale, 3x4x8, $98/ bale; Echo, Oregon, 509-366-5808.
  • GET YOUR wood before winter starts! Hardwood mix- $200/ cord; Pure split cherry- $250/ cord. Free delivery in TriCities. 509-531-4499.

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a money order or cashier's check they send you. It's a scam!
  • HYSTER FORKLIFT SB60: side shift, $1500 or best offer; 541-303-5199, Irrigon.
  • None


    8 lengths of 6" Simpson Duravent double wall vent pipe. Six 3' lengths, four 2' lengths, with wall straps, vent caps, roof shoe. Clean, excellent condition. 24' total. $900.
  • GRASS FEED steer: hanging weight $3 per pound, plus $0.60 for cut and wrap; 541-276-4069, Pendleton.

    Mixed, split & seasoned. $150/ cord. 509-551-2888. TriCities.
  • SMALL TRACTOR & BACKHOE SERVICE Brush hogging, pasture harrowing, pen cleaning, hay stacking, etc. Also, offering hay hauling and stacking. Your hay or mine. I'll pick up your hay that you've bought, and deliver and stack. Call for estimate; 541-240-1229. 541-240-1229.
  • BUTCHER BOY band saw meat cutter, works good, $1200. 509-430-1507. TriCities.
  • 11HP 1 1/8" horizontal Wisconsin Robin pull start: starts and runs, no smoke, needs correct carburetor, $50; 541-922-4150, Irrigon.
  • FIREWOOD: APPLE & cherry wood, split, non- split, under 17", $180/ cord. Delivery available. 509-460-6069; 509-591-8442. BtnCty
  • FAIRLY HONEST part time cowman: needs irrigated pasture. In the spring I can pay forward with cow/calf, need 10-12 acres or so in the Hermiston area; 541-567-8179.
  • STRAW & barley straw, $5/ bale. 509-480-8577. Harrah.
  • FOR SALE, organic English Walnuts, Burbank area. 509-547-3919.
  • GRASS HAY, 4x4x8 bales, $125/ bale. 541-720-4823. Hermiston.
  • BLUEGRASS Bluegrass straw: 3x4 bales, $60 per bale; 541-314-0095, Irrigon.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY hay: 2 string bales, 80- 90 lbs, alfalfa, alfalfa orchard mix or pure grass. Machine loading. Call for prices & inventory check. Delivery available (50 bale minimum). Msg 509-837-2325, text 509-830-4508, hay yard 509-830-4508.
  • 2ND & 3rd cutting grass hay, soft and green, exc horse hay, 75 lb bales, $8/ bale. Granger/ Satus. 509-901-8927.
  • PUMPKINS FOR feed: feeds approx 10% protein, natural wormer $50/ton Animals love to eat pumpkins! Bob 509-366-5808, Echo.
  • CORN FOR your livestock: Ground & sold in tote bags, approximately 2000# bag. One bag minimum. Price of .13cents/ lb. 509-539-1333. TriCities.
  • PICKUP LUMBER rack: $75; Delta pickup tool box: $75; 541-571-3845.
  • ENGLISH WALNUTS for sale, 2017 crop, .85cents/ pound. Will ship (you pay shipping). Call or text 509-840-2787, Sunnyside.
  • ALFALFA grass mix hay, $8- $10 per bale depending on amount. Delivery available with small tractor and squeeze. No rain! 509-945-2214, lv msg. Yakima.
  • EXCAVATOR AND Cat work: farm or forest tree and stump removal, ditch and pond work, scrap iron & orchard removal, CCB# 214114; 541-561-7437.
  • DITCH WITCH 3', Wisconsin engine, works well, $850 cash. Before 9pm, 509-577-9391. Yakima.
  • 40X60 STEEL Master Quinset Hut style building, solid on 1 end, 12x12 opening on other end, $28,000. More info call 509-773-5598. Goldendale.
  • TAMARACK OR MIXED FIREWOOD: split, delivered, $185 to $250 per pickup truck load cord; 509-820-5859, Hermiston.

    Bluegrass straw, 3x4 bales, $60 per bale. 541-314-0095. Irrigon.
  • ALFALFA HAY: 3x4 bales, 1st cutting, no rain, $140/ ton; 2nd cutting, 2-tie bales, alfalfa/ grass, no rain, $9/ bale; 541-571-7601.
  • None


    Riverwood Feed now as "Wyo-Horse" original designs by Kerstin jewelry. High quality and reasonably priced, drop in and check it out. This is outstanding jewelry featuring Southwest and animal motifs. Riverwood, 1602 S. Gum, Kennewick. Monday- Saturday 10am-5:30pm
  • QUALITY TOPSOIL; Compost & fill. Call for quote on TriCity delivery or you haul. McDonald Excavating, 509-627-1153. mcdonai981mw
  • QUALITY 2-TIE hay: Alfalfa, grassy Alfalfa and grass hay, tarped, can load with some delivery options, $165-$185 per ton;541-430-2488, Hermiston.
  • FARM TRAILER, very heavy duty built, double axle, 6-1/2'x12' main deck, good for hay, bins, etc. Tight turn radius, $695. 509-697-7715.
  • WANTED: GOPHER Heaven model #GH1- 4' & 6', fiberglass step ladder, fishing spoons & spinners, 10x50 Nikon or Pentax binoculars, Abu Garcia Cardinal 4 spinning reel. 509-531-5954. TriCities.
  • ALFALFA HAY for sale: $100 for 3x4 bale, $9/ bale or $180/ ton for 2-string bales: call 541-567-1609, Hermiston.
  • FORD NAA tractor with front loader, 3 point, new front tires, carb, gauges, battery, oil, spark plugs, looks good, runs good, $3250. 541-571-3845. Hermiston.
  • 8'x8'x18' STORAGE container: metal, 7' roll up door, good shape, $1200; 541-571-3845, Hermiston.
  • LINDEMAN crawler with blade, all original, works great, $8900; 2N Ford, runs & works great, $2400. 509-833-9635. Yakima.
  • ALFALFA GRASS, $8 bale. 509-480-8577. Harrah.
  • HAY BARN We still have premium grade 2 tie alfalfa! Barn stored, open 7 days a week, call for prices; 541-571-5775, Hermiston.
  • BABY SILKIE chicks. For more info call 509-497-1175. BtnCty.
  • LAWNMOWER, Rototillers, & 4-cycle engine repair: reasonable rates, all work guaranteed, 600 E. Elm, Hermiston; 541-571-3845.
  • HAY FOR sale West Yakima. 509-945-3715. Yakima.

    Selling a limited quantity below market price. Chalkbrood & parasite free with lab analysis on livecount. Call 306-287-8028. eggermanfarms. com Canada
  • PREMIUM ALFALFA hay: $9/ bale or $180/ ton, 40 ton available; 541-571-4457 Hermiston.
  • RIVER ROAD Walnut Farm. Walnuts are ready! 509-588-3281. BtnCty.
  • HAY: ORCHARD grass/ alfalfa mix, barn stored, loader on site, $10 per bale, 32985 W. Walls Rd., Hermiston; 541-567-1132 or 541-314-2925.
  • 3 HP submergible pump, works good, approx. 75' of wire, $200. 509-582-7788.

    '77 Mack RL700L dump truck & matching dump pup, recent rebuild on 400BC Cummins Fuller 13 with deep reduction. Very good shape, ready to work, $17,000. 509-947-8737. TriCities.
  • R-TISAN TREE SERVICE Free estimate within 24 hours. Licensed, bonded, insured; Oregon CCB #201879, 541-561-4865.
  • 5 1/2 month male Border Collie 1st/2nd/3rd shots, dewormed. Tri-Cities(509)438-8571 $250

    I would like to buy your Roza water rights. Looking for 5 to 40 acres of water. Must be on the Roza Irrigation district. I can pay a lump sum or annual payments. 509-670-6828.
  • LAWN MOWER, rototillers & 4 cycle engine repair, reasonable rates, all work guaranteed. 600 E Elm, Hermiston. 541-571-3845.

    Paying $300 or less! Call Gunnar at 509-727-3112. TriCities.
  • PLEASE BE advised that the Giant Nickel is NOT affiliated with any other publication in our area, including ones that use "Nickel" in their name. If you have any questions please call us directly at 509-783-5455 or 509-452-5551.
  • MASSEY 35, diesel, power steering, recent brakes, older hydraulic pump rebuild, both stabilizer bars, good rubber, fluid in back tires, $3800. Leave message- I will call back. 509-588-3756. BenCty.
  • CUSTOM Tractor work, ripping, disking, plowing, bulldozing; Tractor and backhoe repair. 509-949-5915.