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  • WANTED: bids on topping my front Yard Trees; call 541-571-2655, evenings, Irrigon.
  • WANTED: KODAK slide projector. For educational purposes. 509-545-4482. fourstar@owt.com
  • WANTED: EXERCISE bike air cycle, with moving handle bars for Mom; 541-561-8699, Hermiston.
  • WANTED: 9/0 Penn Senator fishing reel; Usable grease tubes for grease gun; 2-1/2 gal propane tank; Collapsible wagon for RV; Fish on pole holders. 509-531-5954.
  • WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Riding mowers, rototillers, push mowers, free immediate pickup, cash paid for some, tuneups and repairs available; 541-571-2981, Hermiston.
  • BUYING CERTAIN Guns: Broken guns & artifacts from Civil War to present; Also antlers, knives & swords. 509-943-4935.
  • WANTED: Bids to install a new roof on my house; call 541-571-2655 evenings, Irrigon.

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a cashiers check or money order they send you. It's a scam!
  • DONATE YOUR car, truck or boat: to Heritage for the Blind. free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of; call 1-866-871-1497.
  • WANTED: Records, comics, Star Wars collectibles, or anything of value. Call 509-222-8740, or 509-222-9306. TriCities.
  • DONATE YOUR car for Breast Cancer: help United Breast Cancer Foundation education, prevention & support programs. Fast Free Pickup, 24/hr. response, Tax deduction; 1-844-478-7513.
  • CASH FOR Indian baskets, leather beaded goods, corn husk bags, jewelry. Put cash in your pocket today! 509-930-4707.
  • GOT AN older car, van or suv: Do the humane thing, donate it to the Humane Society; call 1-877-511-3782.
  • WANTED: CAROUSEL wood stove, any condition. 509-531-5954.