• WANTED: Datsun 510 2 door or MGB GT with solid body; Old jukebox, slot machine. 509-845-5588. TriCities.
  • LOST ALL my yarn in house fire, so if you can help, and have any skeins of yarn hanging around, please call 509-388-1241 for afghans for the homeless. Yakima.
  • DEAD or ALIVE WANTED: riding mowers, rototillers, push mowers. Free pickup, Cash paid for some. Tune-ups and repairs available; call 541-571-2981, Hermiston.
  • WANTED: CAMP Chef 10 liter hot water on demand. 509-438-9657.
  • WANTED: GAS heating stove, preferably Blaze King. No Friday night or Saturday calls, please. 509-301-2177.

    We don't sell your name or phone number to anyone! If you've been told that the Giant Nickel sold your phone number you've been lied to! Call the FTC at 1-888-382-1222 to report them. We respect your privacy and honor our customers by keeping all information private. "The People's Paper"- Giant Nickel.

    Antiques; Records; Stereo gear; Photos; Cameras; Toys; Advertising; Vintage clothes; Old comics; Old books, magazines; Art; Retro furniture. Located in Yakima. 509-248-7352.
  • WANTED: Electric range (not glasstop) in good condition, 509-930-5032. Yakima area.

    for 1964 (and older) silver dollars, half-dollars, quarters and dimes. Will pay 10 times face value for these coins "only", in any condition. 509-832-1414
  • CASH FOR Indian baskets, leather beaded goods, corn husk bags, jewelry. Put cash in your pocket today! 509-930-4707.
  • WANTED: Old wrist/ pocket watches, clocks, watchmaker tools, parts. Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, Breitling, Illinois, Military, etc. 509-545-9929, 509-528-1387.
  • BUYING certain guns: Broken guns, parts, & artifacts from Civil War to present; Also antlers, knives & swords. 509-943-4935.
  • CARS AND trucks wanted: 2002 and newer, any condition, running or not, competitive offer! Free towing, we're nationwide! Call now; 1-888-416-2330.

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a cashiers check or money order they send you. It's a scam!